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Master the Basics

From setting up your telescope to seeing your first planets, our core sections have got you covered.

monthly Challenges

As a member of the VAC, you'll receive detailed monthly guides to the night sky and challenges for you to attempt.

Go Deeper Into Space

As you find your way around your telescope and constellations, we'll help you discover galaxies and nebulae.

Detailed Astronomy Lessons

We've got eight detailed courses with over 40 separate lessons. We're adding new courses each month for you to enjoy.

Monthly Night Sky Guides

As a member of the VAC, you get a comprehensive monthly guide to the night sky. Each one has full-screen star charts, printables, highlights and challenges to get the most from your scope every month.

Track Your Progress & Activity 

Complete Classes

Mark your progress through each of the courses so you can see what you've achieved

Simple structure

Each course and lesson is really easy to find and follow, step by step

Everything Covered

We've covered everything you need in language a complete beginner will understand

Setting Up Your Telescope & Astronomy Tips and Techniques

Nine lessons over two courses filled with all you need to go from novice to accomplished telescope user.

Finding & Observing The Brightest Planets

Seven lessons teaching you where to look for planets and detailed instructions for observing them all.

Discovering A Sky Full of Deep Space Objects

Thirteen lessons on locating and observing galaxies and nebulae.

Guides & Challenges to The Night Sky Every Month

New sections every month to help you get the most from the night sky tonight!

More than 5,000 backyard astronomers receive my weekly astronomy emails, here's what a small selection say about the teaching they've had:

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"The course you offered for beginners is in language I can understand. Keep up the GREAT work!"

Testimonial 2

"I have gained so much knowledge. You put everything in layman’s terms. Highly recommend to others."

Testimonial 3

"I love the way [the website] is laid out for ease of use. Very well put together."

Testimonial 4

"You guys do such a wonderful job over there, I can't see anything that needs improvement!"

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