The Observation Challenges Archive

A few members have asked me to pull together an archive of all the previous observation challenges, which is well over thirty now.

I’m pleased to have made the archive live and immediately available to all VAC members. You can see where to find it and how to use it in the video below.


Hopefully, that all makes sense and you enjoy using the archive as it grows but, to re-emphasize, the main points are:

  • The first two slots on the members home page will be for monthly editions
  • The current monthly edition and the two previous months will always be available, use the > arrows to scroll between them
  • One a monthly edition is no longer available, I’ll move the observation challenges from it to the archive

If you’re not yet a member of the Virtual Astronomy Club and want new, detailed observation challenges every month, plus an archive of 40 more observation targets, and crucial planetary data every month, with a Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Astronomy that has over 35 lessons in it… then click here to find out more.