Essential Equipment

In this lesson, you’ll learn which are the only three pieces of equipment you must have to fully enjoy The Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Astronomy. As excited as I am about helping you, success will only come your way if you have the following three pieces of equipment which are considered mandatory for following along with this […]

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Night Sky This Month

In the table below you can access whole sky charts for each hour of the night in November. These are purely star maps, i.e., the moon and planets are not shown. Stars are shown down to magnitude 5.0, the zenith is marked as a green cross at the center, and the yellow line on each

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Mercury Transit of the Sun – Nov 11th On 11th November, Mercury will pass in front of the sun from our perspective and we’ll be able to glimpse its tiny disc moving across our star. At first thought that doesn’t sound so unusual. Mercury orbits the Sun every 88 days, passing between us and the

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The Moon

The Moon In november The moon is just past new at the start of November so we have darker nights at the start of the month. It is not many days into the month that we head towards first quarter which is great for lunar observing but not so much if you’re trying to find

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Planet Data For December The table below shows key data for the planets this month, including rise, transit and set times, as well as magnitude, apparent size and position data (right ascension and declination). Events that occur when the sun is below the horizon are shown with a black background and white text. All other

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