M78, Bright Nebula in Orion

Target Type R. A. Dec. Constellation Magnitude Size M78 (NGC 2068) Bright Nebula 05h 46m 42s 00° 03′ 00″ Orion +8.30 8.0 x 6.0 arcmin Overview We’ve probably all seen M42 and M43, the most famous of all the night sky’s nebulae, surrounding Orion’s belt. This nebula is still a part of Orion, but is

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Double Stars of Orion

Orion is one of the most famous and easily recognised constellations in the night sky. It is also winter’s predominant evening vision which is why right now is a perfect time to scan some of its brightest stars hunting for doubles. There are eight such doubles I’m going to give you to hunt down in

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Trapezium, in the Orion Nebula

Target Type Right Ascension Declination Constellation Magnitude Size Trapezium Star system 05h 36m 15s -05° 22′ 41″ Orion +5.1 20 arcseconds Recently, I was testing out a new zoom eyepiece. I use it on last months challenge number two, the double stars of Orion. Whilst in Orion, I can never resist the temptation to look

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