Hesiodus A

Target Type R. A. Dec. Constellation Magnitude Size Hesiodus A Concentric crater n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Overview We have to go back to March’s VAC for our last lunar challenge, so it’s high time we had another. This month, we’re hunting for a concentric crater – a crater within a crater – which are

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Spaceman Craters of the Moon

Target Type Diameter Location Best Viewed 1) Aldrin Crater 3km Mare Tranquillitatis Days 5 and 19 2) Armstrong Crater 4km Mare Tranquillitatis Days 5 and 19 3) Collins Crater 3km Mare Tranquillitatis Days 5 and 19 Aldrin, Collins & Armstrong In July 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first people to walk on

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Calvius Craterlets

December’s third observing challenge is designed to give us something to do when the moon is up. We are going to see how many of the huge Clavius Crater’s craterlets we can see in our telescopes. Let’s begin by discovering where to find Clavius. All of the lunar images are from SkySafari 6. Click on

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Mons Hadley and Rima Hadley

Target Type Length Location Best Viewed Mons Hadley & Rima Hadley Lunar mountain and rille 48 miles Apennine Mountains Day 7 (first quarter) and 21 (last quarter) Overview For our second challenge this December, we’re turning our telescopes to the Moon. Specifically, we’re looking at the location of the Apollo 15 lunar landing, using the

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The Serpentine Ridge

Target Type Length Location Best Viewed Serpentine Ridge Ridge 310 miles Mare Serenitatis Days 6 and 19 Overview It’s been six months since a lunar feature was amongst the observation challenges, so high time we featured another one. This particular challenge is a lovely, sinuous ridge that snakes its way down the edge of Mare

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Schröter’s Valley

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve had a lunar feature to hunt in the Virtual Astronomy Club. And since I’ve introduced libration maps for the first time this month, I thought it would make sense for us to try and hunt down a hard-to-find rille (valley) on the surface of the moon. Best

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