M73, Asterism in Aquarius

Target Type R. A. Dec. Constellation Magnitude Size M73 (NGC 6994) Asterism 20h 58m 55s -12° 38′ 00″ Aquarius +8.9 9.0 arcmin Overview There are not many objects in the Messier catalog that probably shouldn’t be in it, but M73 is one of them. Charles Messier discovered what he believed to be a cluster in […]

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Trapezium, in the Orion Nebula

Target Type Right Ascension Declination Constellation Magnitude Size Trapezium Star system 05h 36m 15s -05° 22′ 41″ Orion +5.1 20 arcseconds Recently, I was testing out a new zoom eyepiece. I use it on last months challenge number two, the double stars of Orion. Whilst in Orion, I can never resist the temptation to look

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Kemble’s Cascade, Asterism

Target Type R. A. Dec. Constellation Magnitude Size Kemble’s Cascade Spiral Galaxy 03h 59m 03s +62° 54′ 00″ Camelopardalis n/a 150 x 15arcmins Overview We’re starting our December 2021 challenges with a pretty little asterism. On the face of it, Kemble’s Cascade sounds quite plain. The asterism is a straight line! But that doesn’t tell

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