Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the questions we're most commonly asked about the Virtual Astronomy Club:

Q: Do I need a telescope to join the VAC?

A: Ideally, yes. Mos of the material included in the club helps you get the most from the night sky using a scope. You don't need a huge one, any aperture equal to or greater than 3" (90mm) will be enough to get you started.

Q: Do I need astronomy skills already?

A: Absolutely not! The VAC has everything you need for rewarding backyard astronomy, from telescope setup to finding your first planets and deep space objects. Every month we issue three night sky challenges with enough detail for beginners to take on

Q: Where do I need to live to make use of the VAC?

A: Pretty much anywhere in the northern hemisphere: USA, Canada and Europe are all covered by the lessons and guides. If you live in the southern hemisphere we don't cover your sky (yet).

Q: I live in a city, will I be able to make use of the Virtual Astronomy Club?

A: If you live in the very heart of a big city you won't be able to see very much at all in the night sky, so the VAC is not for you. However, if you're able to do your astronomy in the suburbs or under darker skies, you will benefit from the guides inside.

Q: Who is doing the teaching and why should I trust you?

A: Fair question! My name's Adam Kirk and I've been a backyard astronomer with an average 6" scope for decades. I run the website Love the Night Sky and you can read more about me there (opens a new tab). I am committed to making astronomy fun and rewarding for all those who want to try!

Q: What happens if I join and decide the club is not right for me?

Hopefully that won't happen, but you can cancel your subscription at any point in your own account dashboard. No need to email or phone to get us to do it, which means no questions asked and no pressure to stay subscribed.


Q: You've not answered my question, can I contact you?

A: Sure, I'd love to hear from you. Contact me at Adam@LovetheNightSky.com