Feedback Request

Thanks for letting me know that you thought the course was not right for you.

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Davie October 15, 2021
I live in a big city, and most of my telescope use is right in my backyard. The light pollution makes it hard to see even the Andromeda Galaxy.
Charles October 15, 2021
Adam:  Stange as it might seem, I don't even own a telescope.  I have been looking at them for some time but have not jumped in and made the purchase just yet.  Could be I suffer from "paralysis of analysis".  I want to get the right one for my needs but just can't decide which one is right.  It was never about the cost of the course or your level of expertise.  I appreciate your enthusiasm and your devotion to helping others, and your emails.  Will be become much more involved when I actually purchase a scope.  Thank,     Charles
Nadine Russ October 15, 2021
I do not have any time at this point in my life. Thank You
Chris K. October 14, 2021
I don't have a telescope yet but have been looking into features and affordability.  I also live in a well-lit suburban setting that is becoming more built up each year.  May one day relocate to a smaller community with darker skies and proximity to even darker skies.  In the meantime I would not be able to put your very interesting course to practical use.  Like studying the boating regulations to get the boater card.  Nothing beats the hands-on experience.
Mary L Starkovich October 14, 2021
I live in the city and can only see the planets and a few stars most of the time.   
Ken October 14, 2021
Adam, my wife and I just like to look at the stars and know where a few are. More about pondering the infinity than about the astomony. We don't have a telescope and don't really want one.  We like to knwo what to look for all the time, but with teh naked eye.  You do GREAT stuff though and anyone i come across that wants to know more about the details of astronomy, I send your way.  Keep up the good work...it's just that most is not for us right now.  Cheers, Ken
Michel Bazin October 14, 2021
Hi Adam I already told you that I lived in Australia and you advised people of the southern hemisphere not to bother to buy your course... However, I kept all your Emails and used them when relevant to my situation.  And thanks again!
Richard October 14, 2021
Hi Adam. I thought the course looked really interesting. However, I had just signed up two weeks ago during your last special, and this wasn't that much different (and I'd spent the extra dollars for awhile). Yes, there were extras, but I don't need them right now. I'm working through the various courses now and they're really, really good for me, a rank beginner. They are meeting what i think is their primary goal -- to get me and my wife looking at the night sky with or without our telescope. I just turned 69, and being able to point out Jupiter and Saturn for the first time in my life is very exciting. We were in the mountains of New Mexico a month ago and found Polaris right off, again because of your clear communication. We've not reached the stay-up-until-2:00 AM or get-up-at-3:30 AM stage, but I'm pretty sure it will happen. Richard Peifer
Roberto Castro October 14, 2021
Winter is fast approaching and I felt I had too many commitments to take it now; in a few months
Sherry Jagerson October 14, 2021
Hi Adam, thank you for the offer. I like your approach and your willingness to help, but the truth is, I don't own a telescope and am no longer steady enough on my feet to reliably make it up the stairs to the WAS telescope.  Thanks, Sherry
Julian Fox October 14, 2021
Hi Adam, whilst I would love to learn more about astronomy, I have a 6 year old daughter and consequently little time to do so. Perhaps in a couple of years I will have more time 🤞
Janet October 14, 2021
I'm very new to this and rather intimidated. Concerned I wouldn't get best value for the price as i am so new to it all. Really appreciate your emails