Feedback Request 2021

Thanks for letting me know that you thought the course was too expensive.

If you would like to leave some more detailed feedback, please do so using the comment box below.

Best wishes,


Hugh T Reed Jr. October 16, 2021
It appears to be great, circumstances don't allow for it at the moment. Thank you for all the free resources!
Brian A Robinson October 14, 2021
I am on social security and I have been struggling financially for months now. I would have taken the course if I had the money. 
Tony Stuckless October 14, 2021
It was so much cost as I just have too much on my plate right now.
Ron October 14, 2021
I'm a senior, a veteran, living on my disability pension. I couldn't really see the value in it for me, however I am interested in learning about astronomy as it has been an interest my whole life, just never had the time, or equipment. Since the beginning of the pandemic,however, everything has been priced way out of my budget. I'll continue learning a bit at a time here and there.
Dale Durham October 14, 2021
I really wanted to take the course but just didn't have the money right now.
Sue Daniels October 14, 2021
Your course is definitely worth the money, so you should not take it personally. I just couldn't afford it.
Francis Sullivan October 14, 2021
Hi Adam. It's just one of those things - retired, limited/fixed income. And 90+% of my involvement in this hobby is reading about it. Reason being I am disabled and don't get out on back deck (with my scope) much anymore. Unfortunately. If I only started this great hobby earlier in life..........
Rob Loomis October 14, 2021
Hey Adam! Love the idea and actually think it is perfectly priced.. but it was just too expensive for us at this time given certain life circumstances (unforeseen medical) we are in.  Would be very interested once we rebound and can get back outside in the next few months.   Thanks for everything!
Vanessa October 14, 2021
I am on a small pension, and have to watch the pennies but thank you so much for what you have shared for free.Much appreciated