Winter Deep Sky Viewing Guide

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Winter Objects (December-February)

Welcome to the Winter Deep Sky Viewing Guide.

Included with this package are 13 more deep sky objects that are best seen in winter evenings in the northern hemisphere. There’s a selection of double stars, galaxies, nebulae, and clusters for you to discover.

I’ve picked thirteen so that there is one object per week for the season. However, I know that life and nature don’t always run that smoothly. If you only have the time, or the weather, to get outside once or twice per month, that’s fine. You can try and see several in one evening, the data table below will help you plan which ones are best to see at which time.

Also included in the table are the right ascension and declination coordinates based on the 2000.0 epoch. If you have setting circles or a go-to telescope, these can be used for precise location targeting. Click the table to open a larger version.

For more precise planning, use software such as Stellarium (which is free) or SkySafari, which is paid. Each link opens a new tab so you won’t lose this page.