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Winter Objects

Double Stars in Andromeda, AndromedaNGC 1502, Cluster, Camelopardalis
Nebulosity of the Pleiades, TaurusNGC 1528 and 1545, Clusters, Perseus
Double Stars in Gemini, GeminiNGC 147 and 185, Galaxies, Cassiopeia
Double Stars in Perseus, PerseusNGC 188, Cluster, Cepheus
Double Stars in Orion, OrionNGC 281, Pacman Nebula, Cassiopeia
M103, Open Cluster, CassiopeiaNGC 3893, Galaxy, Ursa Major
M34, Open Cluster, PerseusNGC 7479, Galaxy, Pegasus
M41, Open Cluster, Canis MajorNGC 869 and 884, Clusters, Perseus
M76, Little Dumbbell Nebula, PerseusKemble’s Cascade, Asterism, Camelopardalis
NGC 1501, Oyster Nebula, CamelopardalisOmicron Eriadni, Triple Star System, Eriadnus
NGC 2392, Clown Face Nebula in GeminiM47, Open Cluster in Puppis
M50, Open Cluster in MonocerosM79, Globular Cluster in Lepus
M63, The Sunflower Galaxy in Canes VenaticiM85, Lenticular Galaxy in Coma Berenices
M93, Open Cluster in PuppisM106, Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici
M53, Globular Cluster in Coma BerenicesM58, Spiral Galaxy in Virgo
M61, Spiral Galaxy in VirgoM87, Elliptical Galaxy in Virgo
M1, Crab Nebula, TaurusM35, Shoe-buckle Cluster (OC), Gemini
M42, Gt. Orion Nebula, OrionM43, Gt. Orion Nebula (part), Orion
M45, Pleiades (OC), TaurusM27, Dumbbell Nebula, Vulpecula
M52, Scorpion Cluster (OC), CassiopeiaM57, Ring Nebula, Lyra
M65, Leo Triplet Galaxy, LeoM66, Leo Triplet Galaxy, Leo
M20, Trifid Nebula, SagittariusM31, Andromeda Galaxy, And.
M51, Whirlpool Galaxy, Canes VenaticiNGC 188, Cluster, Cepheus