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Spring Objects

M44, Beehive Cluster, CancerM86, Galaxy, Virgo
Double Stars in Cancer, CancerM35, Open Cluster, Gemini
M59 & M60, Elliptical Galaxies, VirgoM36, The Pinwheel Cluster, Auriga
M105, Galaxy, LeoM37, Open Cluster, Auriga
M83, Galaxy, HydraM38, The Starfish Cluster, Auriga
NGC 2903, Galaxy, LeoM48, Open Cluster, Hydra
NGC 3226 & 3227, Galaxies, LeoM67, Open Cluster, Cancer
M49, Galaxy, HydraM95 & M96, Galaxies, Leo
NGC 3242, Ghost of Jupiter Nebula, HydraM97, The Owl Nebula, Ursa Major
M68, Globular Cluster, HydraTrapezium, Asterism, Orion
M3, Jellyfish Cluster, Canes VenaticiZeta Cancri, Double Star, Cancer
M84, Galaxy, VirgoBode’s Nebula, M81 and M82, Ursa Major (MG)
M94, Croc’s Eye Galaxy, Canes Venatici (MG)M92, Globular Cluster, Hercules (MG)
NGC 4449, Box Galaxy, Canes Venatici (MG)M100, Mirror Galaxy, C. Berenices
M99, St. Catherine’s Wheel, C.B.M98, Spiral Galaxy, C. Berenices
M91, Barred Galaxy, C. BerenicesM64, Black Eye Galaxy, C. Berenices
M88, Spiral Galaxy, C. BerenicesM89, Elliptical Galaxy, Virgo
M90, Spiral Galaxy, VirgoM23, Open Cluster, Sagittarius
M40, Star System, Ursa MajorM62, Globular Cluster, Ophiuchus
M107, Crucifix Cluster (GC), Oph.M3, Jellyfish Cluster (GC), Canes Venatici
M44, Beehive Cluster (OC)M67, King Cobra Cluster (OC)
M84, Lenticular Galaxy, VirgoM86, Lenticular Galaxy, Virgo
M41, Lt. Beehive Cluster (OC), C. Maj.NGC 188, Cluster, Cepheus
NGC 2403, Spiral Galaxy, CamelopardalisNGC 3632, Spiral Galaxy, Leo
C32, The Whale Galaxy, Canes VenaticiC35, Elliptical Galaxy, Coma Berenices
C38, The Needle Galaxy, Coma BerenicesC60/61, The Antennae Galaxies, Corvus