Non-Messier Deep Sky Objects

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NGC Objects

NGC 147, Galaxy, Cassiopeia, WinterNGC 3242, Ghost of Jupiter Nebula, Hydra, Spring
NGC 185, Galaxy, Cassiopeia, WinterNGC 3893, Spiral Galaxy, Ursa Major, Winter
NGC 188, Cluster, Cepheus, WinterNGC 4236, Barred Spiral Galaxy, Draco, Summer
NGC 246, Nebula, Cetus, FallNGC 4449, The Box Galaxy, Summer
NGC 281, Pacman Nebula, Cassiopeia, WinterNGC 5466, Cluster, Boötes, Summer
NGC 869, Cluster, Perseus, WinterNGC 5866, Lenticular Galaxy, Draco, Summer
NGC 884, Cluster, Perseus, WinterNGC 5907, Spiral Galaxy, Draco, Summer
NGC 1245, Patrick Starfish Cluster, Perseus, FallNGC 5981, Spiral Galaxy, Draco, Summer
NGC 1501, The Oyster Nebula, Camelopardalis, WinterNGC 5982, Elliptical Galaxy, Draco, Summer
NGC 1502, Cluster, Camelopardalis, WinterNGC 5985, Spiral Galaxy, Draco, Summer
NGC 1528, Open Cluster, Perseus, WinterNGC 6445, The Crescent Nebula, Sagittarius, Summer
NGC 1545, Open Cluster, Perseus, WinterNGC 6543, The Cat’s Eye Nebula, Draco, Fall
NGC 2903, Galaxy, Leo, SpringNGC 7023, Iris Nebula, Cepheus, Summer
NGC 3226, Galaxy, Leo, SpringNGC 7331, Deer Lick Galaxy Group, Pegasus, Fall
NGC 3227, Galaxy, Leo, SpringNGC 7479, Galaxy, Pegasus, Fall
NGC 2392, Clown Face Nebula in GeminiNGC 7814, Galaxy, Pegasus, Fall

Double Stars, Variable Stars, Asterisms, and miscellaneous

Algol and Other Variables, Perseus, FallDouble Stars in Orion, Orion, Winter
AC1 and 36 Andromedae, Andromeda, WinterEpsilon Lyrae, the ‘Double Double’, Lyra, Fall
Caldwell 5, Spiral Galaxy, Camelopardalis, FallIzar, Boötes, Spring
Double Stars in Boötes, Boötes, SpringKemble’s Cascade (Ast.), Camelopardalis, Winter
Double Stars in Cancer, Cancer, SpringNebulosity of the Pleiades, Taurus, Winter
Double Stars in Gemini, Gemini, WinterTrapezium (Ast.), Orion, Winter
Double Stars in Pegasus, Pegasus, FallOmicron Eriadni Triple Star, Eriadnus, Winter
Double Stars in Perseus, Perseus, WinterZeta Cancri Double Star, Cancer, Spring