Messier Objects

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M1, Crab Nebula, Taurus, Winter[M38, Starfish Cluster (OC), Auriga, Winter]M75, Globular Cluster, Sagittarius, Summer
M2, Globular Cluster, Aquarius, FallM39, Open Cluster, Cygnus, FallM76, Lt. Dumbbell Nebula, Perseus, Fall
M3, Jellyfish Cluster (GC), Canes Venatici, SpringM40, Star System, Ursa Major, SpringM77, Squid Galaxy, Cetus, Fall
M4, Spider Globular (GC), Scorpius, SummerM41, Lt. Beehive Cluster (OC), C. Maj., WinterM78, Diffuse Nebula, Orion, Winter
M5, Rose Cluster (GC), Serpens, SummerM42, Gt. Orion Nebula, Orion, WinterM79, Globular Cluster, Lepus, Winter
M6, Butterfly Cluster (OC), Scorpius, SummerM43, Gt. Orion Nebula (part), Orion, WinterM80, Globular Cluster, Scorpius, Summer
M7, Ptolemy’s Cluster (OC), Scorpius, SummerM44, Beehive Cluster (OC), Cancer, WinterM81, Bode’s Galaxy, Ursa Major, Summer
M8, Lagoon Nebula, Sagittarius, SummerM45, Pleiades (OC), Taurus, WinterM82, Cigar Galaxy, Ursa Major, Summer
M9, Globular Cluster, Ophiuchus, SummerM46, Open Cluster, Puppis, WinterM83, S. Pinwheel Galaxy, Hydra, Spring
M10, Globular Cluster, Ophiuchus, SummerM47, Open Cluster, Puppis, WinterM84, Lenticular Galaxy, Virgo, Spring
M11, Wild Duck Cluster (OC), Scutum, SummerM48, Open Cluster, Hydra, WinterM85, Lenticular Galaxy, C. Berenices, Spring
M12, Globular Cluster, Ophiuchus, SummerM49, Elliptical Galaxy, Virgo, SpringM86, Lenticular Galaxy, Virgo, Spring
M13, Gt Hercules Cluster (GC), Her., SummerM50, Heart Cluster (OC), Monoceros, WinterM87, Virgo A Galaxy, Virgo, Spring
M14, Globular Cluster, Ophiuchus, SummerM51, Whirlpool Galaxy, Canes Venatici, SpringM88, Spiral Galaxy, C. Berenices, Spring
M15, Gt Pegasus Cluster, Pegasus, FallM52, Scorpion Cluster (OC), Cassiopeia, FallM89, Elliptical Galaxy, Virgo, Spring
M16, Eagle Nebula, Serpens, SummerM53, Globular Cluster, Coma Berenices, SpringM90, Spiral Galaxy, Virgo, Spring
M17, Omega Nebula, Sagittarius, SummerM54, Globular Cluster, Sagittarius, SummerM91, Barred Galaxy, C. Berenices, Spring
M18, Black Swan Cluster (OC), Sag., SummerM55, Specter Cluster (GC), Sagittarius, SummerM92, Globular Cluster, Hercules, Spring
M19, Globular Cluster, Ophiuchus, SummerM56, Globular Cluster, Lyra, SummerM93, Critter Cluster (OC), Puppis, Winter
M20, Trifid Nebula, Sagittarius, SummerM57, Ring Nebula, Lyra, SummerM94, Cat’s Eye Galaxy, C. Venatici, Summer
M21, Webb’s Cross Cluster (GC), Sag., SummerM58, Barred Spiral Galaxy, Virgo, SpringM95, Barred Galaxy, Leo, Spring
M22, Gt. Sag. Cluster (GC), Sag., SummerM59, Elliptical Galaxy, Virgo, SpringM96, Spiral Galaxy, Leo, Spring
M23, Open Cluster, Sagittarius, SummerM60, Elliptical Galaxy, Virgo, SpringM97, Owl Nebula, Ursa Major, Spring
M24, Star Cloud, Sagittarius, SummerM61, Swelling Spiral, Virgo, SpringM98, Spiral Galaxy, C. Berenices, Spring
M25, Open Cluster, Sagittarius, SummerM62, Globular Cluster, Ophiuchus, SpringM99, St. Catherine’s Wheel, C.B., Spring
M26, Open Cluster, Scutum, FallM63, Sunflower Galaxy, Canes Venatici, SpringM100, Mirror Galaxy, C. Berenices, Spring
M27, Dumbbell Nebula, Vulpecula, SummerM64, Black Eye Galaxy, C. Berenices, SpringM101, Pinwheel Galaxy, Ursa Major, Spring
M28, Globular Cluster, Sagittarius, SummerM65, Leo Triplet Galaxy, Leo, SpringM102, Spindle Galaxy, Draco, Summer
M29, Cooling Tower (OC), Cygnus, SummerM66, Leo Triplet Galaxy, Leo, SpringM103, Open Cluster, Cassiopeia, Fall
M30, Jellyfish Cluster (GC), Capricornus, FallM67, King Cobra Cluster (OC), Cancer, WinterM104, Spiral Galaxy, Virgo, Spring
M31, Andromeda Galaxy, And., FallM68, Globular Cluster, Hydra, SpringM105, Elliptical Galaxy, Leo, Spring
[M32, Andromeda Satellite (G), And., Fall]M69, Globular Cluster, Sagittarius, SummerM106, Spiral Galaxy, C. Venatici, Spring
M33, Pinwheel Galaxy, Triangulum, FallM70, Globular Cluster, Sagittarius, SummerM107, Crucifix Cluster (GC), Oph., Summer
M34, Spiral Cluster (OC), Perseus, FallM71, Angelfish Cluster (GC), Sagitta, SummerM108, Surfboard Galaxy, Ursa Major, Spring
M35, Shoe-buckle Cluster (OC), Gemini, WinterM72, Globular Cluster, Aquarius, SummerM109, Barred Galaxy, Ursa Major, Spring
M36, Pinwheel Cluster (OC), Auriga, WinterM73, Asterism, Aquarius, SummerM110, Dwarf Galaxy, Andromeda, Fall
M37, Salt Pepper Cluster (OC), Auriga, WinterM74, Phantom Galaxy, Pisces, FallEND


  • Bold Messier Objects are either from 12 Months of DSOs, or hosted on Love the Night Sky. These will open in a new tab.
  • Objects in [square brackets] are not yet covered in the VAC, but will be soon.