In this section we present a brief timetable of eclipses, meteor showers, or planetary positions and conjunctions happening this month.

June, is a quiet month in terms of events, but there are still awesome sights to be had if you pick the right moment. Click on any image from SkySafari 6 below for a full-screen version.

4th – Mercury reaches its greatest eastern elongation, putting it at its furthest from the sun. See it 13° above the horizon, between west and northwest, half an hour after sunset.

13th – In the early hours before dawn (the image below is 4am) the last quarter moon lies close to red Mars. Mars acts as a marker for the distant planet Neptune.

19th – The almost-new moon passes with a couple of degrees of Venus before sunrise, low over the eastern horizon. The moon will be just 4% illuminated and Venus will be 8% illuminated. Be prepared beforehand because sunrise is just minutes after this event.

26th June – 02 July – The June Boötids is a minor meteor shower between the kite of Boötes and Ursa Minor. It produces just a couple of meteor showers per hour, so is not worth a special trip for, but cast your eye that way if you’re already out and observing.