In this section we present a brief timetable of eclipses, meteor showers, or planetary positions and conjunctions happening this month.

In January, these are the events to look out for:

03rd – Quadrantids meteor shower. The screengrab below is from 4am and shows where these meteors will appear to originate from. We may see over 50 meteors per hour in this storm with no moon to disrupt the viewing.

10th/11th – Penumbral lunar eclipse. Only partially visible from northeast Maine and Alaska in the US, and Quebec, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Canada. All of Europe can witness the whole event, with the exception of Portugal and southwest Spain. (See observing challenge #1 for more detail).

27th – Venus and Neptune conjunction (see below – click picture for full screen version). Picture shows view at 7pm when the two planets are just half a degree apart in the constellation of Aquarius. Nearby is the 3 day old moon.