Discover Your First Galaxies

These are some of the best galaxies for a new astronomer to track down in a backyard telescope. Click the link below for your full free guides.

Each galaxy is best seen in the evening at a different season, so it doesn’t matter what month it is, there’s always at least one for you to look at.

  • Spring: M65 & M66, Spiral Galaxies
  • Summer: M51, Whirlpool Galaxy
  • Fall/Autumn: M33, Pinwheel Galaxy
  • Winter: M31, Andromeda Galaxy

Each of these is the complete guide from within the Virtual Astronomy Club, where there are over 170 more just like this, covering not only more galaxies, but also star clusters and nebulae, including the entire Messier Catalog of 110 deep sky objects (DSOs).

I add new DSO guides every month. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Virtual Astronomy Club, with full access to every guide, as well as monthly moon and planet updates and ad-free guides to the constellations, then click here.