August’s Astronomy Events

The August sky is not as active as other months, however we still have a few interesting things to observe such as the daytime Aretids meteor shower, which peaks on June 7th and can be seen best in the dark hour before dawn.  We can also observe the Bootids meteor shower, which peaks on June 27th.  This month features the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest day of the year, which takes place on June 20th.

All images are from SkySafari 6 and can be clicked on for a full screen version.

03 – The early morning sky provides a beautiful view of Mars, the moon and Saturn, aligned across the eastern horizon.  With Mars shining at magnitude +1.02 in the constellation Pisces, and Saturn at magnitude +1.03 in the constellation Aquarius.

Events 030824 0500 Jupiter and Mars form a pleasing triangle with Aldebaran in Taurus this morning. Click for full-screen.

05 –  The waning crescent moon is at perigee, its closest approach to earth, seen during the early morning hours.  It is shining at 19% illumination.

Event 050824 2100 The thinnest crescent moon is within a degree of Venus after sunset. Click for full-screen.

12 – Saturn shines brightly in the early morning sky at magnitude +0.92.  There will be a lunar occultation of Saturn today, where the moon will pass between the Earth and Saturn.

Events 120824 0100 The Perseid meteor shower reaches its maximum in the early hours of this morning. Click for full-screen.


Events 140824 0500 Mars and Jupiter are half a degree apart in Taurus today and tomorrow. Click for full-screen.


Event Saturn 200824 2200 The sooner you can see the Moon_Jupiter pair rising, the closer they will be together. Click for full-screen.


Events 270824 0500 Mars, Jupiter and the moon make for a pleasing trio in Taurus early this morning. Click for full-screen.