52 Weeks of Objects

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Something to Find Every Week of the Year

Quarter One – January to March

Week #ObjectConstellation
Week 1 (January)NGC 1502, Open ClusterCamelopardalis
Week 2M41, Open ClusterCanis Major
Week 3NGC 1501, Oyster NebulaCamelopardalis
Week 4Double Stars in OrionOrion
Week 5M76, The Little Dumbbell NebulaPerseus
Week 6 (February)NGC 1528 and NGC 1545, Open ClustersPerseus
Week 7Struve 307, 331, 552, Double StarsPerseus
Week 8M36, The Pinwheel ClusterAuriga
Week 9M37, Open ClusterAuriga
Week 10 (March)M38, The Starfish ClusterAuriga
Week 11M95 and M96, Spiral GalaxiesLeo
Week 12M68, Globular ClusterHydra
Week 13M97, The Owl NebulaUrsa Major

Quarter Two – April to June

Week #ObjectConstellation
Week 14 (April)NGC 3242, The Ghost of Jupiter NebulaHydra
Week 15M48, Open ClusterHydra
Week 16M83, The Southern Pinwheel GalaxyHydra
Week 17M3, Jellyfish ClusterCanes Venatici
Week 18M105 and Leo I, GalaxiesLeo
Week 19 (May)NGC 3226 & 3227, Interacting GalaxiesLeo
Week 20NGC 2903Leo
Week 21M13, The Great Hercules Globular ClusterHercules
Week 22M101, The Pinwheel GalaxyUrsa Major
Week 23 (June)Double Stars in BoötesBoötes
Week 24NGC 7023, Iris NebulaCepheus
Week 25M104, The Sombrero GalaxyVirgo
Week 26Double Stars in CancerCancer

Quarter Three – July to September

Week #ObjectConstellation
Week 27 (July)NGC 5866 & NGC 5907, GalaxiesDraco
Week 28M29, ClusterCygnus
Week 29NGC 5981, 5982, & 5985, GalaxiesDraco
Week 30NGC 6445, The Crescent NebulaSagittarius
Week 31NGC 5466, Globular ClustersBoötes
Week 32 (August)M5, Globular ClusterSerpens
Week 33M17, Omega NebulaSagittarius
Week 34NGC 4236, Barred Spiral GalaxyDraco
Week 35IC 342, Spiral GalaxyCamelopardalis
Week 36 (September)Epsilon Lyrae, Double StarsLyra
Week 37NGC 6543, Cat’s Eye NebulaDraco
Week 38NGC 7814, GalaxyPegasus
Week 39NGC 1245, Open ClusterPerseus

Quarter Four – October to December

Week #ObjectConstellation
Week 40 (October)NGC 7331, GalaxyPegasus
Week 41Double Stars in PegasusPegasus
Week 42M109, Barred Spiral GalaxyUrsa Major
Week 43NGC 185 and NGC 147, GalaxiesCassiopeia
Week 44M2, Globular ClusterAquarius
Week 45 (November)M77, Spiral GalaxyCetus
Week 46NGC 246, The Skull NebulaCetus
Week 47Algol, and other Variable StarsPerseus
Week 48Kemble’s Cascade, AsterismCamelopardalis
Week 49 (December)NGC 7479, GalaxyPegasus
Week 5040 Eriadni (Keid), Double StarEriadnus
Week 51M103, Open ClusterCassiopeia
Week 52M34, ClusterPerseus