Seasonal Observation Guides

Objects Best Viewed in WINTER

Winter Objects(December-February) Double Stars in Andromeda, Andromeda NGC 1502, Cluster, Camelopardalis Nebulosity of the Pleiades, Taurus NGC 1528 and 1545, Clusters, Perseus Double Stars in Gemini, Gemini NGC 147 and 185, Galaxies, Cassiopeia Double Stars in Perseus, Perseus NGC 188, Cluster, Cepheus Double Stars in Orion, Orion NGC 281, Pacman Nebula, Cassiopeia M103, Open Cluster, […]

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Objects Best Viewed in FALL

Fall Objects(September-November) Algol and Other Variable Stars, Perseus NGC 246, Skull Nebula, Cetus M109, Barred Spiral Galaxy, Ursa Major Caldwell 5, Spiral Galaxy, Camelopardalis NGC 6543, Cat’s Eye Nebula, Draco M77, Spiral Galaxy, Cetus Double Stars in Pegasus, Pegasus NGC 7331, Spiral Galaxy, Pegasus Epsilon Lyrae the “Double Double”, Lyra M16, Eagle Nebula, Serpens NGC

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Objects Best Viewed in SUMMER

Summer Objects(June-August) NGC 5866 & NGC 5907, Galaxies, Draco Izar, Double Star, Boötes NGC 4236, Barred Spiral Galaxy, Draco M29, Open Cluster, Cygnus NGC 6445, Crescent Nebula, Sagittarius NGC 5981, 5982, and 5985, Galaxies, Draco Double Stars in Boötes, Boötes M17, Nebula, Sagittarius NGC 5466, Cluster, Boötes M104, The Sombrero Galaxy, Virgo M101, Galaxy, Ursa

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Objects Best Viewed in SPRING

Spring Objects(March-May) M44, Beehive Cluster, Cancer M86, Galaxy, Virgo Double Stars in Cancer, Cancer M35, Open Cluster, Gemini M59 & M60, Elliptical Galaxies, Virgo M36, The Pinwheel Cluster, Auriga M105, Galaxy, Leo M37, Open Cluster, Auriga M83, Galaxy, Hydra M38, The Starfish Cluster, Auriga NGC 2903, Galaxy, Leo M48, Open Cluster, Hydra NGC 3226 &

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