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52 Weeks of Objects

Something to Find Every Week of the Year Quarter One – January to March Week # Object Constellation Week 1 (January) NGC 1502, Open Cluster Camelopardalis Week 2 M41, Open Cluster Canis Major Week 3 NGC 1501, Oyster Nebula Camelopardalis Week 4 Double Stars in Orion Orion Week 5 M76, The Little Dumbbell Nebula Perseus

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Constellation Guides

Astronomer’s Guides to the Constellations Andromeda Draco [Sagittarius] [Aquarius] [Equuleus] [Serpens] Aries Gemini [Sextans] Auriga Hercules Taurus Boötes [Hydra] [Triangulum] Camelopardalis [Lacerta] Ursa Major Cancer Leo Ursa Minor Capricornus [Libra] Virgo Cassiopeia Lynx [Vulpecula] Cepheus Lyra [Cetus] Ophiuchus Coma Berenices Orion [Corona Borealis] Pegasus [Corvus] Perseus Cygnus Pisces Delphinus [Sagitta]

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