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Lunar Feature Observation Guides

Lunar Features Aldrin, Armstrong, and Collins Craters Lunar ‘X’ and ‘V’ Alpine Rille Valley Mons Hadley and Rima Valley Calvius Craterlets Schröter’s Valley Hesiodus A Serpentine Ridge

Planet Observation Guides

Seeing the Planets at Opposition Mercury Saturn Venus [Uranus] Mars [Neptune] Jupiter Detailed guides to observing Uranus and Neptune coming soon!

Non-Messier Deep Sky Objects

NGC Objects NGC 147, Galaxy, Cassiopeia, Winter NGC 3242, Ghost of Jupiter Nebula, Hydra, Spring NGC 185, Galaxy, Cassiopeia, Winter NGC 3893, Spiral Galaxy, Ursa Major, Winter NGC 188, Cluster, Cepheus, Winter NGC 4236, Barred Spiral Galaxy, Draco, Summer NGC 246, Nebula, Cetus, Fall NGC 4449, The Box Galaxy, Summer NGC 281, Pacman Nebula, Cassiopeia, …

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Messier Objects

M1, Crab Nebula, Taurus, Winter [M38, Starfish Cluster (OC), Auriga, Winter] M75, Globular Cluster, Sagittarius, Summer M2, Globular Cluster, Aquarius, Fall M39, Open Cluster, Cygnus, Fall M76, Lt. Dumbbell Nebula, Perseus, Fall M3, Jellyfish Cluster (GC), Canes Venatici, Spring M40, Star System, Ursa Major, Spring M77, Squid Galaxy, Cetus, Fall M4, Spider Globular (GC), Scorpius, …

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