One super-simple setup trick for telescopes

The easiest way to find night sky objects

Hunting down your first deep sky object

Video 3:  Hunting Your First DSO!

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What is stopping you from using your telescope?

Richard Adcock December 27, 2021

Hello Adam! We are getting our telescope on Thursday! A Gskyer 130EQ. We can’t wait to put your lessons into use.
Thanks so much for making things simple and easy to understand! 

Ian Hagan December 23, 2021

Does this exercise apply to the southern hemisphere? As far as I can tell from Stellarium this star
Does this apply to the southern hemisphere? As far as I can tell from Stellarium Albireo is always below the horizon.

Rob Gorton November 24, 2021

Hi Adam, thank you for the wonderful instructional videos. I had a telescope as a teenager and used to just observe the closer planets when available. But now at age 78 you have rekindled my interest in astronomy and I look forward to many exciting observations.
Rob Gorton, Kerikeri, New Zealand

Cam Sinclair October 23, 2021

Just got it. No instructions. 

Terry October 7, 2021

I am not sure how you got the Stellarium view that you show on your screen.  Is this the fish-eye view?

Mark Smith October 7, 2021

These videos have been very informative and helpful. I am a complete neophyte. What has been keeping me from using my Meade StarNavigator is difficulty getting it set up and aligned properly. I would like to be able to find sky objects manually but also be able to use the computerized starfinder capabilities of my telescope.

Nick October 7, 2021

I have loved observing Jupiter and Saturn over the last couple of months and showing friends and family the gas giants. Mars and Venus were my first planets in summer and they were a bit of a let down. Thank you for your information and enthusiasm. This video could not be better timed! My curiosity is growing and double Stars/multi stars are next on the list and thanks to you Albireo will be the first one I point my scope at. My first galaxy will be the obvious Andromeda but that must wait as I promised my neighbor that we would do it together. Just waiting on clear skies now. Thanks, Nick

Adam Kirk September 28, 2021

Let me know what problems you’re having with your astronomy and I’ll do my best to help!