One super-simple setup trick for telescopes

The easiest way to find night sky objects

Hunting down your first deep sky object

How to see more stunning telescope views 

Video 1:  One Super-Simple Setup Trick

Use this link for my collimation video guide. To download Stellarium for the next video, use this link.

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What is stopping you from using your telescope?

Malcolm Robinson October 6, 2021
Hi Adam - looking forward to follow-on lessons , I am a new starter to Astonomy , so far I have been observing Jupiter and Saturn during Aug and Sept via a SkyWattcher 90mm scope and zoom eyepiece. Whilst this was quite mind-blowing in some aspects, it was a little underwhelming in others - a small, white object which did not look much like the images I have seen all my life. I'd love to know how to get my viewfinder image closer to expectations.....unless mine are unrealistic ! 
Morris Feigel October 6, 2021
I wear contact lenses and have a difficult time looking through the eyepiece. Do you have a suggestion(s) on connecting an iPhone or a MacBook to easily see what the telescope is seeing?
Darrell Rogers October 6, 2021
Thanks Adam: I'm relatively new to astronomy & purchased my first scope 1.5 years ago.  I wanted to let you know what a great  resource  your articles  & videos are.
Doris McGuire October 5, 2021
Thank you, Adam. Very informative. I'm looking forward to the next video :)
Richard October 5, 2021
Thanks Adam. I'm a rank beginner at this stuff and your materials already have brought my wife along rather nicely. You write and speak in terms I can follow, and you avoid the geek-speak so common to technical enterprises like astronomy. Honestly, I don't mind the technical stuff, but much of it can wait until I can reliably find the moon, Jupiter and Saturn (what an Aha! moment that was...). Richard (In Texas)
Nick October 5, 2021
Hey Adam! I just wanted to say a big thanks for your emails I really look forward to them and keeps me motivated. Thanks for the free video it was great to meet the man behind the emails and I am looking forward to the next one. Now off I go to download some software.
MickyD October 5, 2021
Whats stopping me using my telescope????....   Currently 20mph winds, rain and a naggin' missus that thinks my time would be better spent sitting with her!!! :-) Such a shame since only twice since I have owned it (around 2 months) have I had the luxury to come home from work and see the Orion nebula with the naked eye and even through a relatively short 10 second exposure photo found colours so vivid as to look more like the touched up and processed images seen all over the web!
Greg October 5, 2021
Thank you Adam - I appreciate you willingness to help us who are just starting up to be able to get the most from our equipment
Rashmi Shanker October 5, 2021
Thanks Adam. Your video is really good. It takes the fear and difficulty factor out of astronomy, so one can enjoy observing the stars. Thanks again. Looking forward to your next video. 
Fernando October 5, 2021
Just want to thank you for you effort and time. Greetings from Valencia Fernando
Adam Kirk September 28, 2021

Let me know what problems you're having with your astronomy and I'll do my best to help!